Through the years I’ve been involved in every phase of wood and fiberglass boat building. It’s my opinion that quality is often overlooked because of cost. That’s a big mistake. The old cliche is right: you get what you pay for.

We’ve had customers ship chopper gun built boat consoles to us for installation on our Panga fishing boats that were too flimsy to mount correctly. Before installation we needed to beef them up, therefore costing the customer many additional dollars that need not have been spent. That’s ridiculous.

I urge you to give us a ring to discuss the important aspects of console building and design before committing yourself or your company to purchasing a unit from any manufacturer. Certainly, think through:.

Is the boat console or baitwell product constructed with high quality cloth?

In chopper gun technology glass fibers are sprayed out of an applicator gun on the mold, and then rolled out by hand. Because these layups must be thicker in order to have proper rigidity, they are heavier and don’t have the strength and longevity of hand layups. Although the method is fast, it uses the lowest cost materials. Experts agree that hand lay up laminate, glass “cloth” bonded together with resin, is always better than the short fibers from a chop gun.

Our boat steering consoles and baitwells are exceedingly strong and have a smooth, even surface both inside and out, and a constant thickness.

Also consider the following:

Is Interior access provided?

Is the interior gelcoated?

Do the high stress sections (steering and control panels) contain
core or other strengthening material?

Is hatch hardware provided?

I look forward to chatting with you.

Rob McDaniel

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